PII Conference 2023

Our summer conference and big show performance were a huge success this year! We are all so glad to be back and able to have our first full conference post-pandemic. Thank you to all who joined us, supported us, and were rooting us on from afar. We are in the works of planning our conference for next year, 2024, so stay tuned for updates and info!

Back and Better Than Ever!

PII conference 2023 is happening July 23-July 29th!

We are so excited to be back together for this experience we have been missing throughout the pandemic. If you are interested in joining us in bringing joy to the communities we are involved in and within each other, please use our link!

PII During the Pandemic

While we can’t be together right now, PII members are working in their local communities, to help in numerous ways!

Ellen Hall: I’m working in my church’s Food Pantry, masked, and customers stay in the car- so safe. Also recording a fun service for little kids every week since we can’t go to church. Regular zoom chats with friends. Tried zoom singing but didn’t like it much, but did it a few times. Lots of texting. Oh and Corey and I are working out together 3 days a week!

Brian Vaughan: I’m helping older folks, in my role as a pharmacy tech in an independent and assisted senior living facility.

Randi Tuck: Kids and I wrote a hundred cards to senior citizens in nursing homes during the pandemic. We also have donated clothes and are using boxtops to help the school.

David Root: I have made some small financial donations, most recently to Austin Area Urban League. We have also sort of adopted an elderly upstairs neighbor: bringing her food, helping to get her mail, take out her garbage, etc. A group of us have an occasional virtual “game night” over zoom. Anyone is welcome to join!

Victoria Kibler: I belong to Life Enforcement in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. It is a pay it forward group. Many things happen here. I also donate to different causes in my area.

Michelle Amaranth: I’m about to spend the afternoon on Beto O’Rourke phone bank to make wellness checks helping frozen, hungry people stranded without water get connected with resources.

Mary Toppen: I’m supporting Hope Reins in Raleigh. I work with traumatized children using horses and my experiences working with children for the last 40 years.