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What some of our members are saying about Pii…


The reason I love PII so much is the positive message that we send to our friends, family, community, youth and ourselves. Through the music we sing, and the way we promote a more positive environment for our children to grow and learn and love unconditionally is so unique in this day and age. So being able to feel appreciated, loved, and accepted, and being able to give those same things back, are very important to me and what this organization stands for. – Scott, Orlando, FL

PII means additional family members. People who care about you in ways others may not. People who don’t judge you on appearance or social status. People who would do anything for you, and be there whenever you need them, even though you don’t live in the same city or maybe even the same state. They will be there forever. PII helped me realize I have much in my life to be thankful for. I have never experienced anything like PII and it is the most wonderful thing in my whole life. Thank you everybody, with all my love. -Chanell, Strasburg, VA