2019 Conference

Information For 2019

Price: $275

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Dates: July 21-27, 2019

Coordinators: Dean Jones & Dawn Collins
Show Director: David Root
Choreographers: Abbie Bedwell, Evan Collins.
Band Director: Christopher Vaughan

Important Locations

Rehearsal Space
Church of the Holy Comforter
4819 Monument Ave
Richmond, Va. 23230

Holiday Inn Express
2000 Staples Mill Rd
Richmond, Va. 23226

Performance Venue
Hill City Church
2101 Maywill St.
Richmond, Va. 23230

See our forms page for the schedule, rules, registration forms, etc!



Conference week starts with registration, finding out who you’re rooming with, getting copies of all of the songs in the show, and then settling  down for a workshop to help everyone get to know one  another.

After all members get settled in, we hold front-line dance  and solo tryouts. Tryouts are not mandatory to take part in the PII show. Everyone has there own special talent to add to our group, whether it’s singing, dancing, photography, public speaking, or backstage work that makes everyone feel welcome. You decide where you are comfortable and then “jump in!”

The next couple of days are a whirlwind. A typical conference schedule starts off with breakfast at approximately 8:00 a.m., and while the band rehearses separately, the cast learns vocal and dance pieces. Throughout the day, we also have workshops and other fun activities like swimming, games, and special events. After dinner, the entire cast gets together with the band and technical crew to rehearse the songs we have learned. This is the best part of the day because everyone is together and the show is starting to take shape.


After only a few days of rehearsing many songs, we take our show into the community. We perform at many different places, such as hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, boys and girl’s clubs, parks, and community centers. This is one of the most rewarding parts of conference week. Many times, we are performing in places where the residents do not get a chance to sing or dance, or clap there hands very often. It is an uplifting experience to bring joy to these people and just share some time together. We share our music with strangers and in return receive smiles and applause from new friends.


After four/five days of continuous rehearsing, the big night is here. Thursday/Friday night of conference week, we hold our public performance to benefit our chosen  charity. THIS IS WHERE WE PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS!! We all dress in stage  costumes, have a full sound and lighting crew, and most importantly, give it  our all.

This is what conference week has built up to. We perform on stage with people,  that just a week ago were strangers, but now are like family. We sing songs that  a week ago, we may have never heard, but now seem like we’ve known all our  lives. We open our hearts in a way that may seem unlikely in our everyday lives.


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